The Mlowathi Males

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The Mlowathi males as they were known on the Mala Mala game reserve property in South Africa are legendary. They originally came from a coalition of 6 and split from their brothers to move east and establish their own territory. During their reign they are believed to have killed somewhere between 40 and 60 other lions, mostly younger cubs that were not theirs but also males and females. It is normal for male lions to kill cubs and other male lions when moving into a new area but killing to such a magnitude as they did  is very uncommon. What is even more strange is that they would often eat the bodies of their victims which is also a very uncommon occurrence in the lion world.

The two males below had many different names but on the Mala Mala property they were known as Kinki Tale (in the foreground) and Mowhawk. It was a great privilege to be able to photograph them during their reign and many of my favorite images feature one or the other.

Male lions

Below is a video I shot of Mohawk one night while he was on his own. Kinki tail was off pursuing a female and in this clip Mohawk is quite likely roaring to try and locate him and/or some of the female lions in the area.

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