The Three Kings

shaun walton - fine art wildlife photography - male lion triptych

This is a recent piece that I have just finished working on. I am still undecided on a name but I am sure this will come soon. This male lion was one of the most charismatic I have ever come to know. Over my two years as a guide I saw him play many different [...]

Photographing a leopard drinking at night

shaun walton photography male leopard at night

A large territorial male leopard known as the Emsagwen male stares off into the dark! Although sometimes active during the day, leopards are predominantly active at night. A large territorial male like this will spend the majority of his night patrolling the boundary of his territory scent-marking and roaring to advertise his presence. As guides we were [...]

Giraffe and Oxpecker

Shaun Walton Photography - Oxpecker and giraffe

An Artistic Biological Relationship I love how a fine art wildlife photograph can often be found in unexpected situations. Although I have seen oxpeckers on giraffes many times before for some reason on this particular day I finally noticed the amazing photographic opportunity a carefully positioned bird might present. Luck was on my side as [...]

Photographing rhino with a wide angle lens

Shaun Walton Photography - White Rhinos

A wide angle lens should be an important part of any wildlife photographers kit. I’ve had a lot of fun with it over the years photographing animals like these rhino that one wouldn’t normally expect to be able to photograph with such a lens. White rhino as I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post Rhino [...]

Soul Stirring Stare

Shaun Walton Photography - Male Lion Stare

There are very few things that compare to the feeling one gets when looking straight into the eyes of a male lion. Although I knew he wasn’t able to see my eyes looking at him from behind my camera, by the way he looked at me, it felt like he was staring straight into my [...]