The Three Kings

shaun walton - fine art wildlife photography - male lion triptych

This is a recent piece that I have just finished working on. I am still undecided on a name but I am sure this will come soon. This male lion was one of the most charismatic I have ever come to know. Over my two years as a guide I saw him play many different [...]

Photographing a leopard drinking at night

shaun walton photography male leopard at night

A large territorial male leopard known as the Emsagwen male stares off into the dark! Although sometimes active during the day, leopards are predominantly active at night. A large territorial male like this will spend the majority of his night patrolling the boundary of his territory scent-marking and roaring to advertise his presence. As guides we were [...]

Leopard vs. African Rock Python… at night!

Shaun Walton Photography - Leopard and Python

It is a challenge to find a leopard in the wild and even more of a challenge to witness one make a kill. I was fortunate to witness both at once and what unfolded turned out to be one of the most interesting nature sightings I have ever seen. From a photography standpoint it was [...]