Rhino Portrait

Shaun Walton White Rhino Portrait

The square-lipped or white rhinoceros has always been a favorite photographic subject of mine. Their skin is rough and has great texture texture which can make for beautiful black and white images. Despite weighing anything between 3500 and 5000 pounds they are typically quite placid and if familiar with the presence of a landrover or [...]

The Mlowathi Males

Male lions

The Mlowathi males as they were known on the Mala Mala game reserve property in South Africa are legendary. They originally came from a coalition of 6 and split from their brothers to move east and establish their own territory. During their reign they are believed to have killed somewhere between 40 and 60 other [...]


Four Male Cheetah

With their beautiful coat patterns and elegant facial markings cheetah are excellant subjects for black and white wildlife photography.