In Observation – Gallery 27

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In Observation – Gallery 27 Santa Barbara, CA

It was a great honor to have my work be a part of the collective exhibition In Observation that was held at Gallery 27 in Santa Barbara California.I have always been drawn to the use of negative space in my compositions as I feel it leaves more open for interpretation. Even today we know so little about the night lives of leopard and lion and I seek to convey this in my imagery. The darkness in the african bush, free of any man made light, is as dark as it gets. There is a definite mystery and intensity associated with not knowing what may be lurking less than 15 feet into the bush on either side of you. I feel alive and energized in these situations and attempt to convey this intensity and mystery in my imagery.

The statement at the exhibition read as follows:

‘There are many elements that make up a great photograph: the photographers use of shadow & highlight, the juxtaposition of objects, the isolation of a perfect moment in time, and the elegant or unique use of design. What a photographer excludes in a photograph can be as important as the photograph itself. The four artists in this display carefully use negative space to isolate what inspires them – drawing the viewer in to contemplate a unique way of seeing”


Exhibition statement

‘In Observation’ exhibition statement

The pieces in the exhibition.


Shaun Walton - Nocturnus 4

Nocturnus 4 – Male lion yawning

Shaun Walton Nocturnus 11

Nocturnus 11 – Lions fighting

Shaun Walton Nocturnus 19

Nocturnus 19 – Young male leopard in tree

In Observation - Shaun Walton

Standing in front of some of my work in the exhibition

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